1455144_10152378423106917_854714135_nCan’t knock the hustle. Ahmed was Born in Lebanon in the 80′s where he managed to escape a raging Civil War at age 2. He found shelter in France where he grew up and lived for 20 years before moving to the United States of America! Legend has it that he doesn’t have a French accent when he speaks English—which is probably comparable to some sort of super power. Ahmed currently calls Manhattan home but loves to travel and regularly goes back to visit France and Lebanon.

Ahmed specializes in advertising, celebrity portraiture and music photography. His work has been selected in American Photography 32, 31 and his client list includes BBDOBillboard, CP+BBudweiser, Translation, Adidas,  MTVSLAM, ConverseRolling Stone, XXL and Leo Burnett amongst others. He also has a PhD and wrote a bunch of papers on how to diagnose heart disease using contrast-enhanced nanoparticles. His friends rigthfully call him Dr. Klink.

Represented by Sunday Afternoon
 Audrie Poole
Tel: 917.374.4332
Em: ahmedklink@mac.com
Tw: @ahmedklink
Ig: instagram.com/ahmedklink
Tu: ahmedklink.tumblr.com
Wnw: workingnotworking.com/ahmedklink

Selected Press: Art Director’s Club – This Photographer will save your life – Mull It OverVNDL Mag Issue 2


Very Rare Productions
Rich Tu
All Good Things
Shane Griffin
Juan Carlos Pagan
Karaoke Killed the Cat
Jayson Atienza
Kris Merc
Julie Glassberg
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